ROBERT DOWDY- Banjo,Lead and Harmony Vocals

Born on October 27 1956. I started playing the guitar at age five. I played Rock and Country music until I was twelve and then started playing the banjo and Bluegrass music. I was influenced by The Osborne Brothers, Flatt and Scruggs, Reno Smiley and The Stanley Brothers. I have been married for twenty one years and have a son and a daughter. I work for Medeco Security Locks in Virginia, as a Maintenance Technician. I started playing the banjo on a Kay. After one year I had saved up enough money to buy a new RB 800 Gibson Master Tone and played it for thirty four years. I recently purchased a RB 75 JD Crowe signature Gibson Master Tone, That I currently play. The first band I played in was The Bluegrass Playboys. which was a family band consisting of my brothers and I. I played with The New Grass Revue for five years and then spent two years with The Gospel Gentlemen. In 1989 my brother Victor and I formed The Bluegrass Brothers.

STEVEN DOWDY-Guitar,Lead and Harmony Vocals

I was born on January 27 1980 in Salem Virginia. Started singing at the age of three. The first song I sang was "Elvira" by The Oak Ridge Boys. I started playing bass at age seven. I started playing guitar at age sixteen, when my grandfather S.M. Dowdy bought me a FG 180 Yamaha, and he showed me my first chords. Also play mandolin. I have played with several bands including Lock, Stock and Barrell, Bum Ride and Junior Sisk and Rambler's Choice. I founded Southern Comfort with by brother Donald and was an original member of The Locust Mountain Boys, along with my father. I joined The Bluegrass Brothers nine years ago as the guitar player and have been on seven recordings. I enjoy writing songs and have written several that our band has recorded. Few Degrees Colder, Blue Eyed Girl, Country Boy Moves On, Cold Virginia Blues, One More Try and two Gospel songs, Please Take My Hand and Ask The Lord. When not playing music I enjoy fishing and hunting, especially "Coon Hunting", and Nascar racing. My favorite food is ribeye steak, favorite color is blue and my favorite movie is Days Of Thunder.

DONALD DOWDY- Guitar,Lead and Harmony Vocals

I was born April 7 1987 and I have been singing and playing Bluegrass music for ten years. I play my instruments strung right handed but I play left handed. So, my chords and picking are really upside down. I play Guitar, Mandolin and Bass. I have done recordings on four CD's. My most recent was on "the Old Crooked Trail", by The Bluegrass Brothers, in which I done a song that I wrote called "Lonesome Ole Prisoner". My favorite singers are Larry Sparks, The Stanley Brothers and my father Victor Dowdy. When I'm not playing music I like to hunt, fish and practice my music.

VICTOR DOWDY- Bass,Lead and Harmony Vocals

I was born on March 15 1961 and started playing music at the age of seventeen with a local group from Salem, Virginia, where I have lived all my life. The band was called The Back Creek Boys, and thats how I got my first gig. I played Bluegrass with The Back Creek Boys for about a year, almost every night of the week and I credit my learning Bluegrass from those guys. I had to quit playing every night because of family and work. I started playing "Old Time" music about a month later with some good ol' boys from Craig County. They called themselves The Meadow Creek Express Band. Thats where I learned to sing the Old Time music that I Love. We played together until 1989 and that's when my brother Robert and I started pickin' together, with three other guys. Mickey Conner, John Conner and Billy Hurt Jr.. Since that day we have had several different guitarists and a couple of different Mandolin players, until we found Jack Leonard Jr., and my son Steven Dowdy. Although Steve was a very young musician, I stuck with him because I knew that he would someday be a top-knotch musician. Boy was I right! I guess my greatest accomplishment would have to be winning the Virginia State Championship five times on bass fiddle and three times on the male vocal, though I hope that someday I can reach the National spotlight like some of the greatest singers such as Russell Moore, Ronnie Bowman or Ralph Stanley, or to be recognized for my bass pickin' like the great Tom Gray.

BRANDON FARLEY Mandolin, Fiddle and Harmony Vocals

I was born December 5 1985 and I live in Princeton West Virginia. I have a wife, Savanah, and a son Brent, born April 2005. I began playing Mandolin at age five and at about eight years old I learned Banjo, Guitar and Fiddle. I have been special guest on Mandolin for The Lewis Family and Ralph Stanley. I also played in a group with Melvin Goens. My Grandfather, Joe Meadows, played Fiddle for Jim and Jesse, The Stanley Brothers, and Bill Monroe. I also like playing Fiddle but when I'm not playing music I Love trading stuff!, and I'd have to say that one of my favorite things would be a 1979 Ford Truck.